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Optimized of EPA-High-Structured Phospholipids Synthesis

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Optimasi Sintesis Fosfolipid Terstruktur Tinggi EPA 


Optimized of EPA-High-Structured Phospholipids Synthesis


Phospholipids are used as the emulsifier in the food industries such as milk, yoghurt, ice cream, chocolate and others. Because of high demand of phospholipids in the food industry, modification was performed by incorporating the fatty acid into the desired phospholipids on one of the sn-1 position through enzymatic acidolysis method using enzyme lipase Rhizomucor miehei. The common source of phospholipid is soybean. The research used phospholipids from the water degumming of Anjasmoro variety soybean oil. This variety is a superior variety soybean that resistance to the inundation and adabtable to Indonesian agriculture conditions. The acyl donor is obtained from the omega-3 fatty acid concentrate as the byproduct oil of the lemuru fish meal processing, with the content of 28,36% EPA and 23,38% DHA. The objective of research was to determine the ratio of EPA-high omega-3 concentrate to phospholipids (w/w), concentration of enzyme (%), and reaction time (hour) to produce the optimum high EPA structured phospholipids.
This research used response surface methodology. Central Composite Design is used that comprised three variables, which were the ratio of omega-3 fatty acid concentrate high EPA:phospholipid (1,818:1; 2,5:1; 3,5:1; 4,5:1; 5,812:1), concentration of enzyme (3,18; 10; 20; 30; 36,82%), and reaction time (13,908; 18; 24; 30; 34,092 hour). The expected response was the high EPA contains in the structured phospholipids.
The response in this research was characterized by its linear nature and its equation was Y = -45,93 + 14,40X1 - 0,15X2 + 3,50X3 + 0,02X1X2 - 0,06X1X3 + 4,77083.10-3X2X3 - 1,797X12 + 8,94954.10-4X22 - 0,0705X32, where X1 = the ratio of EPA-high omega-3 concentrate to phospholipids (w/w substrate), X2 = concentration of enzyme (%), X3 = reaction time (hour), and Y = EPA content of structured phospholipid. From the equation, the optimum point of each variable with the highest EPA content of the structure phospholipids was as followed : the ratio of EPA-high omega-3 concentrate to phospholipids of 3,77:1; concentration of enzyme 30%; reaction time of 24,08 hours. EPA response was predicted to 22,8134%, while the actual response was 24,36%. From the analysis of variance, it was found that quadratic of the ratio EPA-high omega-3 concentrate to phospholipids and quadratic of the reaction time had was significant effect on the response. The best EPA high-structured phospholipids had characteristic followed : 1,375% HI; 2,610% TI; 40,26% AI; 33,18% acid number; 0,288 meq/kg peroxide number; and 8,28 HLB.

Keywords : Phospholipids, EPA, structured phospholipids


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