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Activity of Antioksidan Tablet Effervescent

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Activity of Antioksidan Tablet Effervescent of Purple Rosella as Fast Resistor Suplemen of Peroksidasi Examination of In Vivo

Arya Ulilalbab, Hafiz Iqbal M., Anugerah Dani P., Faurita Resti, Evi Fitriani

as a student at Food Science and Technology

University of Brawijaya, Malang, East Java, Indonesia




Process disease of degeneratif like cancer, ateroklerosis, stroke, high blood pressure, cataract and also annoyed of immured system of body, representing some disease related to free radical activity.In human body, have been produced some antioksidan like dismutase superoksid ( SOD) (Maestro, 1991) and peroksidase gluthation ( Sies, 1991). However, this antioksidan produced only certain in number. Become, if body in a state of and normal activity, well-balanced food asupan make unnecessary us addition all kinds of suplemen. In a state of is certain, like the increasing of age, ill, stres, work too hard, pregnant mother and suckle natural appetite trouble eat, one who live in impure and indisposed environment by various pollution, athletic of weight, heavy smoker or drunkard of alcohol, and also which its food containing many fat, hence likely enough need addition of suplemen antioksidan. Purple rosella rich of antioksidan................ (If you need furthermore information, contact me at :


Pemberian minyak jelantah dengan bilangan peroksida 118 mek/kg pada kontrol positif (minyak jelantah 1 ml) menghasilkan nilai MDA paling tinggi, yaitu konsentrasi 0,285 mg/ml. Pada perlakuan normal konsentrasinya 0,1 mg/ml. Ini menunjukkan bahwa antioksidan yang ada di dalam hewan coba tidak mencukupi untuk menangkal radikal bebas pada perlakuan kontrol positif. Perlakuan pemberian effervescent 2700mg/12 ml + minyak jelantah 1 ml menunjukkan aktivitas antioksidan terbaik, menghasilkan nilai MDA yang rendah dengan konsentrasi 0,06 mg/ml


Maestro, R.D. 1991. Free Radical as Mediators of Tissue Injury. Di dalam Dreosti I.E., edition. Trace Elements, Micronutrients, and Free Radicals. Humana Press. New Jersey

Sies, H. 1991. Oxidative Stress. From Basic Research to Clinical Aplication. The American Journal Medicine 91: Suppl 3c. Cahners Publishing Company

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